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2019 reading round-up

This was the year my debut book The Winter Quarters was published. It's been weird and pleasing to have some of my words available for the whole world to read.

However, I proceeded to write hardly any fiction at all for the entirety of 2019. In fact, I went through an unforgiving writer’s block, a kind of existential crisis. I had big questions about what fiction—what books—are even worth in a dying world. For months I was haunted by the idea that no other species on earth can read, and if books are by humans and for humans, then are they necessarily anti-environmental? How can I be a writer when the world is going through a climate crisis?

I am relieved to report back that my 2019 reading was up to the challenge of my spiritual dilemma. I learned so much about the natural world and our relationship to it. I feel determined to write—and write better—in 2020.

You can find my full reading round-up on Queerly. I discuss the books I've read and the very tangible affects they've had on my life.

Happy New Year, everyone! And as always—happy reading!

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