• Anna Veriani

Halloween in Japan

Since moving to Japan a couple years ago I've pretty much adjusted. When I first arrived, everything felt new and wondrous, from the mountain views to the 7-11 snacks. That wondrous glow, which is very much prevalent in The Winter Quarters, has faded as I've grown accustomed to living here. But I decided to hearken back to my days as a spring chicken and appreciate something small: Japan's extremely random Halloween marketing.

It's easy to find packaging like in the pictures below for candy in the U.S., but in Japan you'll find it on persimmons, fruit juice, and dried macaroni. These were all spotted in my local grocery store. Halloween has no cultural roots in Japan, but it's being gradually introduced as a marketing ploy, with results that I kind of don't hate.

a mummiful bag of persimmons

Jack-o'-lantern + macaroni = ??

Tropicana—so fresh it's spooky

Anyway: Please enjoy. The Winter Quarters comes out in a few days, just in time for the colder weather that makes hot springs sound oh-so-inviting. Pre-order it and get some nifty gift from Japan.

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