• Anna Veriani

Out Now! ...a month later

It is nice to have learned something about myself: I am the kind of author that forgets to update their website. In fact, I hadn't logged on for so long that I forgot what hosting site I use.

But! I'm very happy to announce, as I announced on Twitter in a much more timely manner, that Alisha was randomly selected as the winner of my pre-order giveaway! (She gave me permission to share her Twitter, @bethandnoah.) It was incredibly fun to make a giveaway box full of local goodies. I revisited some of my favorite stores, such as Shirai (しら井), a traditional konbuya or seaweed shop; I also went to to my favorite wagashi (confectionery) shops, and a local craftsman who makes hand-designed postcards and wooden artwork.

It was a lovely way to celebrate the release of The Winter Quarters. For now, I'm hoping for a restful winter — ideally a properly cold, snowy season like the one in the book. I'd love a reason to stay inside to devote serious time to writing.

Until next time (and who knows when that will be), cheers to book releases, changing seasons, and local sweets. <3

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